Retro Digital

“Bringing a taste of classicism into the largely modern world of digital painting is my aim,” explains artist Elizabeth Liangzi Wang.⁠⁠
“My inspiration sources from ‘grand style’ portraitists like Anthony Van Dyck, Joshua Reynolds and John Sargent. I paint with graphic programs in a way that’s intensely aware of elements of real oil paint, such as impasto and pigment transparency. ⁠The digital world has enabled me to convincingly give my works that historical look — dust, yellowing, craquelure, all of which may take hundreds of years in real life.”⁠⁠

Ms. Wang is one of nine artists that have recently completed the League’s Certificate Program, a dedicated four-year plan of intensive study in the Fine Arts. ⁠⁠
You can view these and more at the Final Project Exhibition, an annual showcase of Certificate Program graduates now online.

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