Meet Athena LaTocha

🎥: BricTV

Athena LaTocha, who has studied with Michael Pellettieri at The League, is the subject of a major profile in The New York Times.

Originally from Alaska, she is from the Lakota and Ojibwe Peoples of the Northern Plains and—when moving to NYC—she studied printmaking at The League with instructor Michael Pellettieri.⁠ Ms. LaTocha is known for her large-scale works that are “deeply site-responsive, [with] ingredients gathered in New Mexican mesas, Ozarks bluffs, Louisiana wetland.”

Her current installation In the Wake Of… at BRIC Brooklyn now through January 3, 2022 responds to “the local urban landscape in the throes of change” and yet retains “echoes of multiple histories, including the history of New York, of the Lenape, and goes back to pre-human times.⁠”⁠

Ms. LaTocha is also the subject a simultaneous exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, After the Falls, now through January 23.

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