Meet Alice Mackler

Mackler at work, circa 2014.⁠⁠

Artist Alice Mackler became an emerging artist after her retirement from a career as an office manager in 1998. Now at the age of 90 she’s been featured by the New York Times as the lead exhibit in “4 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now” by Will Heinrich.⁠⁠
She studied here at The League in the 1950s with ⁠several instructors including Will Barnet and Robert Beverly Hale and 30 years later, received a B.F.A. from SVA. New York Times describes her current show as: ⁠⁠
“…h⁠er largest and most confident yet…of course there are several of the gestural, improvised characters she’s become known for. A supine mermaid lifts her tail in an aquatic yoga pose. Comic but insightful, they’re like psychological portraits of Mackler’s own passing fancies.”⁠⁠

Kerry Schuss Gallery has an online view of her work over here.

Alice Mackler. “untitled,” 2021, glazed ceramic⁠⁠

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