Mariana Oushiro—An Abstract Painter Finds Freedom

📷: Raphael Couto

An Abstract Sense of Freedom.

We all walk in someone else’s path until you find your own. I wouldn’t walk as freely if I didn’t have [my instructor at The League], Jill Nathanson.

—Mariana Oushiro via Artmakers

Mariana Oushiro first came to New York City from Brazil on vacation. On trips to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan, Mariana was inspired by encounters she had with great abstract painters. Determined to follow in their footsteps, Mariana moved to the city, where she hoped the birthplace of the New York School would inspire her to create work as powerful as the work that she had admired. She first studied downtown, where she participated in group exhibitions, and began to understand the inequalities that women in the art world face, even today. Where, in a city crowded with creativity, was there room for a young artist like her to craft her own space, and her own career path?

In 2018, Mariana discovered The Art Students League, where she connected and studied under living artists whose work descends directly from that of the painters she so admired. She worked as a studio Assistant under colorfield painter Ronnie Landfield and found herself inspired by the powerful and important women artists she had the opportunity to learn from at The League—Pat Lipsky and Jill Nathanson in particular. That year, Mariana connected with her fellow female students about their experiences in a too-slowly changing art world. Together, they launched a group exhibition that addressed their concerns about gender inequality in studios, museums, and galleries.

Today, Mariana’s art career is on the rise. Her work has appeared in several group exhibitions, she was an Annual Grant Award winner at The League, and she is currently represented by the acclaimed gallerist Vito Schnabel.

Mariana’s Learning Path

Ms. Oushiro studied abstract painting with these instructors:

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