Jas Knight — An Art Lover Becomes an Art Maker

📷: Jessica Pester

An Art Instructor Is Also a Lifelong Student.

I didn’t play all day…All I did was draw

—Jas Knight via the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

For Jas Knight, painting was a part of growing up. He pursued excellence in his work from a young age. At seven, he was selling paintings. A year later, at eight, he held his first solo exhibition. As a young man, Jas studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work won numerous awards. In 2015, his first major solo exhibition as an adult was presented with the Bill Hodges Gallery. Today, Jas’s painting evokes the work of great masters. Under his tutelage, well-traveled techniques are taken to new places, and everyday subject matter is treated immortally.

Even at a young age, Jas understood the importance of apprenticeship-style teaching in the fine arts—it was the painter he apprenticed with in high school that encouraged him to go on to become a professional artist. When Jas became an instructor at The Art Students League, he joined a lineage of legendary instructors, working and teaching in the same ateliers where great painters he admires once did the same. Working alongside the memories of artists like William Merritt Chase and Thomas Hart Benton makes Jas feel like he is a part of a history. Working with his students to find new ways to be creative every day makes Jas feel like they are making history together.

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