Meet Chellis Baird

Chellis Baird began her studies at the League four years ago with mixed media instructor Deborah Winiarski, who encourages art-making as “an individual and unique endeavor,” with “no fixed rules or ‘shoulds’ in the creative process.”⁠
In 2019, Ms. Baird had a solo exhibition here in New York City at the Louise Nevelson Chapel Louise Nevelson Chapel, named after another League alumna, Louise Nevelson, known for her monumental, monochromatic wooden pieces.⁠

Recently Ms. Baird was interviewed for White Hot Magazine by Jenna Elva. Of her show, they write “like Nevelson’s work [Ms. Baird’s] is not rooted in iconographic literalness or representation” and straddles “the line between painting and sculpture.”⁠⁠

🎨: Chellis Baird. “Hot Wired 2017, (detail)” Pigmented Wax, Fabric, Wire, Cotton, Linen, Wood⁠

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