Meet Jewel Ham

Artist Jewel Ham is a 2020 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Howard University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Upon graduating, she was awarded a curatorial fellowship via Art Table where she discovered the Art Students League of New York. ⁠

Working with our exhibitions team, she served as researcher for the Cinque Gallery exhibition at the League. This project—which shines a light on the art space that was a cultural hub of Black art from 1969-2004—was the perfect fit for the recent graduate.⁠

Now that the fellowship is over Jewel says, “it changed how I feel about my existence and relevance in the art world. Accessibility to the arts, especially Black art, shouldn’t be a privileged experience just because I went to college. It tells me that I need to work harder for people like me to exist in this space. That I need to create opportunities for others.⁠”⁠

Additionally, Jewel strives for her personal work to be about Black folk taking up space, “especially because we don’t get any,” she says. “I see a growing sector of space for Black narratives centered on trauma and misappropriation and that’s not only unfair, but inaccurate. My work doesn’t have to be a formal presentation—it’s just us being us!”⁠

Thank you, Jewel, for all of your work. Be sure to follow her art adventures on Instagram!⁠

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